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Michael Warshaw is Founder and CEO of MW Labs. He is a scientist, and a skincare and nutrition expert. The skincare product lines that he develops are based around unique concepts and ingredients that give purpose and direction for a company’s vision.

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What Our Customers Say

  • For natural ingredients with a conscious and formulated with hydration and people with sensitive skin, I personally can say enough about MW Labs products. As an esthetician using his products, I have helped a lot of people, including my own skin. It is worth trying them since they are concentrated. I also really appreciate all the range of products, from bruise lotion support to Radiation Relief for those going through Radiation. Anti-Aging it is like having a genie in a bottle if you are using his products. Feel the support of Skin Fit, for healthy glowing skin

    Christina Wilson

  • "3 of the 4 products we sell were customized by MW Labs and consistently chosen by both television networks. The MW Labs influence continues to be our best sellers. ..."

    E B

  • "We don't know what we would have done if Michael and his team didn't provide us with a fully managed custom solution. They included a short-run production and filling at first, then patiently served us as we grew quickly. The best investment we ever made in skin care was MW Labs. ..."

    H T

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Let MW LABS bring your skincare vision to market!

Over 40 Years Pioneering Skincare

Over 40 Years Pioneering Skincare

Established in 1985, MW Labs offers a variety of comprehensive skincare lines for health providers, spas and treatment facilities, retailers, and private label clients. Known for its unique approach to the pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical, and skincare industry, MW Labs holds several patents as innovators. Vertically integrated, MW Labs continues with advanced research, development, testing, manufacturing, and distribution.

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